A Passion to return to Acts in Power and Doctrine
A Mission To evangelize the world with the doctrine of Jesus Christ
A movement to connect preachers to network for Revival Acts style!

A Faith to contend for, the faith once delivered is delivered once and for all. One Lord One faith One baptism
A Pentecost to experience. All men must be born of water and Spirit (John 3:5 Acts 2:38)
All men on a Mission.Every man a missionary. Every man a preacher
with our "Preaching Jesus everywhere" Project. We encourage you to start a work.
A standard to Live by.  We Renounce modern day ecumenicalism and trinitariansm and call heresy for what it is. We encourage to search the scriptures like the Bereans and prove all things.
A Lifestyle to Live by. Today's consumerism has become mans God
many follow after Roman holidays, beliefs and ideals. We seek to live as God's new creation, in the world but not of it or dominated by it.
A Generation to win and One God to preach: Our message JESUS IS GOD!

BIG PREACH FOUNDED to get men back to the apostles doctrine and the one church Jesus built. Encourages holy living and radical preaching. We cant build a movement we simply get back to the one Jesus built. So join us as we continue to


We Celebrate The Preacher


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A movement.. Back to Acts like the Apostles Knew it and Like they saw it



The world needs preachers. Preachers who Preach Jesus as the apostles preached it in power and doctrine (Acts 2:38, 42) This is a drive to connect to you wherever you are in the world. If you are a young pastor, or matured ministry, Whether you desire to enter ministry or changing your focus as a pastor,  If you have an online network or group and require encouragement, help, brotherly support. I'm here for you.

Over 30 years in Ministry as pastor and evangelist missionary lets connect to see God move on and offline. The world needs your ministry and so do we. Share Ideas, discover how to build a ministry online and help in building your success story. lets Preach to shake and awake our world in a Holy Ghost book of Acts revival. If your interested please read the links opposite and connect