Is There an Ichabod in Your Womb (pt2)

Then she named the child Ichabod, saying, the glory of the Lord has departed from Israel (1 Sam4:21).

Ichabods are birthed when we get bitter in spirit.
Ichabods are birthed when we question God with anger in our head and fear in our soul.
Ichabod’s are birthed when we take on the spirit of offense and make it our assignment to speak out against the servants of God.

Israel was in trouble, death and chaos hit the camp in a series of events. When Ichabod’s mother heard the news that her father in law and husband was dead  she bowed herself and gave birth for her labor pains came upon her (1 Samuel4:19). No doubt she was disappointed with both man and God and she let her disappointment rule her spirit.

The news sent her into labor.

As God’s people we are to labor because of what God is doing not because what our enemies are doing. I want to birth out of God’s promise not my distraction. I don’t want my fear to give birth to something. My enemy is appointed to kill my firstborn, my God however will birth in me that which he has sown into my womb.

Many will make intercession at the alarm at what the enemies of Christ are doing today. We cannot birth out of that which they are doing, the news of their destruction cannot be my seed. It must not penetrate into my spirit. God wants us to birth because we are pregnant with the seed of God’s vision, God’s hope, God’s dream. Labor for the things God has appointed us.

Ichabod’s mothers nurse who stood by at the time of her labor declared “do not fear you have borne a son” (v20) She did not answer nor did she regard it ( v 20). What woman would not be overjoyed with the birth of a new son! What woman would not be happy that a son has been born to her? Ichabod’s mother however took no notice of what was being born rather she paid attention only to that what the enemy was doing. The result, bitterness and the forsaking of God.

What are you looking at my friend! The child you are birthing comes from that which you perceive in front of you. “God help my eyes to regard my child not overlook it, lest it become an Ichabod to me!”

Then she named him Ichabod saying “the glory of God has departed” (v21).

What are you birthing?
Are you birthing an Ichabod!
We are so caught up in offenses that we fail to enjoy the son that we are birthing. some folks however are in their ignorance birthing a curse by their very own spirit that has aught against a brother.

She regarded it not! (v20)

Look what happened. There ran a man of Benjamin out of the army and came to Shiloh. with his clothes rent and with earth upon his  head. And when he came to Eli..his hearty trembled for  the ark of God! ( v12).

When was the last time you went to God’s house with sacloth and ashes. Today we are more used to going to church in our Sunday best rather than in an attire of lementing and brokeness. This man ran to the prophet.  I didn’t say quit supporting the prophet i said run to him.

He came into the city and told it and the city cried out! (v13).  One person running to God’s house, that’s what it takes. The city cannot be broken until we are morning in God’s house for our own shortcomings. When we cry out to god the city will turn to God! Don’t curse whats going on. birth what God has put in you and praise him. God hasn’t gone anywhere.

He is here!


Is There an Ichabod in your Womb?

Tom Tenney paid a visit to Cwmbran two nights ago, he said.  “Don’t let fear stop your future. let faith name your future.”  He talked on the subject of Ichabod’s mother,  entitled “Don’t Do what She Done. “She had no name. she was distraught even when she gave birth to her son. Not even the birth of a baby boy could bringing this woman happiness. She was so mad at God ( and I’m using her own words here) that she name him “Ichabod” the glory has departed, then she died.

We went home after the meeting and Pastor Katalau made this comment to me. “Don’t do what the woman done, don’t say God has departed Don’t say God is not there, nor here, when we say this we die! Our denial of God beings on a premature death. I thought wow, that’s so true!.

(My own thought) Is there an Ichabod in your womb? Are you mad against a preacher who let you down a church that failed you?There are so many folks cursing and speaking out against other ministries, talking of their failures and shortcomings, what they are saying is “Ichabod. the glory of the Lord has departed” Beware the spirit of death is upon you. No wonder you are barren and nothings happening in the ministry for you. Your baby is dead and you will never be able to birth the things of God again. By you pronouncing death to others you’ve prophesied your own! Renounce it and live today!

Thank you Pastor Tommy for opening up this topic for us and blessing us. If God gives me more I’ll write part 2 In the morning.

Jesus is my God!

Jesus200The “trinity” is not a bible term that God uses to tell us of himself. God gave us the word “Godhead.”  In him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily.

In Jesus dwells the Father who is Spirit. Jesus is the name of God. all that God is, Jesus is. The name of Jesus reveals the person of God and God in person. Jesus Christ, God, very God. God is his own single person whatever title or name be given him. We call him “Father” because that’s who he is. We call him “God” because that’s who he is. We call him Spirit because that’s who he is! The Lord is that spirit! Emmanuel God with us. We know who God is because we know him in person. He himself  declares, there is no other God beside him.  God himself cannot be wrong if he himself says there is none other like him or beside him. Jesus is all of the Father Son and Holy Ghost. In him alone dwells the fulness of deity incarnated. Jesus “God” incarnated (1 Timothy 3:16 Colossians 2:9 Isaiah 9:6, 45;5).

Anything less is but the immoral paganistic ideas of rebellious man seeking to propagate a God of their own devices in order to sustain their unbelief and ignorance to ease their own conscience. Jesus is God and is my God. Friend, is he your’s