Breakthrough Wales

T.TenneyPastor Emori Katalau is a former Fiji rugby Captain who played for his nation in the 95 world cup. He has a passion to preach the gospel and Pastors Breakthrough Wales Church in Wales Newport.

You may visit Pastor Katalou on and follow him on twitter


From Connecting to Conversation

e-learning word cloudMinistry Builders Hints, tips, links and ideas to help build our ministries online.

#1. Networking is one thing, communicating is another. It seems to me that we have to stretch for something more, something that is purposeful and productive in our social networking daily activity. Bearing fruit is our goal, souls and changed lives. Without this as a goal then our countless hours of labor online is in vain. To make our days count  we have to go beyond connecting to holding good conversation, of course this takes time, it will be done on a smaller level obviously as you wont be able to spend the same amount of time talking to everyone.

Talk about your projects, see how you cann help another build online, share prayer and offer support. exchange ideas and be there for  them building meaningful partnerships is God’s way of connecting. For he doesn’t just befriend us but rather gets us on board and gives us a task, that of sharing his mission and vision with the world. Maybe you could do the same for another



Big Preach is a new Global Missions Network that seeks to encourage a new Spirit towards global Missions both on and offline. We use social media to connect, network and promote the gospel among us. We share ideas help you build your project and Network. We promote the ministry of the preacher.

Our present Objective is to connect and build relationships with Preachers online in order to build an online missions center. If you have a passion for Africa and are involved already in a missions outreach be it radio, media, church pastoral or group, connect to me Paul B Thomas on  share you mission and vision and lets build together and so fullfil the missions command of Jesus to the nations

Great Britain

Open Magic BookBig Preach bringing you connections in the Great Britain to extend the gospel of Jesus online, provoke global missions offline and connect to ministries everywhere.

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